kid trails: modern emotions & historic inspirations

We're all just cursed with greed and apathy, but blessed with Kid Trails lyrical and musical talent.

What's the story behind the name 'Kid Trails'?

My ex girlfriend’s step father told me about chem trails at an art show several years back. There was an oil painting that featured a condensation trail going across the sky. He said that a normal contrail from an airplane wouldn’t have stayed in the air long enough for the artist to paint such a detailed landscape with oil. If you don’t know what chem trails are, it is a conspiracy theory that claims that these condensation trails that linger in the sky for a long time must contain some sort of chemical or biological agents, and they are deliberately sprayed by the US government for reasons unknown to the public, but it is speculated that it is mostly harmful and a form of population control. I thought it was an interesting concept, but I didn’t think Chem Trails was a really good band name. I wrote it out as “Kim Trails” like somebody’s name at one point. Then I figured Kid had a similar phonetic ring and it sounded cooler to me.

What inspired you to take on this musical genre?

With the most recent EP, Naming, the recording process and materials I had at my disposal sort of dictated the sound and genre. I had an opportunity to record at a friend’s home studio, but he didn’t really have room to track a band or record drums. I usually play live with a 4 or 5 piece band, so this was a pretty big limitation at first. The back beat of the songs was a Korg Volca Beats drum machine that I actually borrowed from my drummer. It has a cool sound but it’s very mechanical and straightforward. When I first wrote “Calm Down” it had a country swing to it, for instance. Conforming to these rhythmic and spacial limitations was restricting at first, but then it became sonically liberating because I could experiment a little more with textures and sounds that I probably wouldn’t have before. Other than that, it mostly comes down to taste. I tend to gravitate to things that are older and before my time, but I think I’m subliminally influenced by modern sounds and situations. There’s no hiding from what’s all around you.

'Existing is a cancer' - where does your lyrical inspiration come from?

I like that you picked out that particular line. I see human existence on this planet as an ultimately destructive thing. With cancer, abnormal cells divide and spread throughout the body, destroying tissue and organs and killing the person. Humans continue to reproduce at a rapid rate, and we have been destroying the planet throughout the years. It doesn’t seem like that’s gonna stop any time. The world is already damaged beyond repair and people in power are still cutting down trees and poisoning the oceans and polluting the air. I don’t see existence as a completely negative experience or anything though. There’s plenty of beauty and positivity that people put in the world. Sometimes it seems pretty bleak though. Like it’s in our nature to be cancerous.

How does the creation process go? Lyrics first or instrumentation?

It really depends. I usually start with a chord progression or a melody that’s in my head. Sometimes a word or phrase just sticks with me and I want to make a song around it. There’s no set way or routine that goes into writing a song for me.

What's coming up next for Kid Trails?

I recorded an album with a 5 piece band a while back that I really like. It has sort of a classic rock feel. The song “My Own Place” that you mentioned is actually going to be included on it. I’m gonna self release that pretty soon on cassette and digital platforms. I’ve got a couple music videos ready to go. I’m just waiting on some last minute stuff to come together. I also just moved back to Atlanta, Georgia, so I’m excited to play more shows on the east coast of the US now.

Finally, what is your favourite type of cake?

My favorite type of cake is my grand mother’s rum cake. It’s really moist, buttery, and flavorful. I also love pumpkin pie even though that’s not technically a cake. I love the autumn because I have an excuse to eat pumpkin pie and drink lots of coffee. Spring is nice too, but there’s not really any seasonal desserts that get me going. I try to eat less desserts this time of year and then just let myself go in the fall.

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