a melinoe release day

“Everyday is going to be a little different”. As life progresses we find out that life can be difficult, distracting us from the potential energy and drive to ascend. On the way to his forthcoming project titled "6", set to release late 2018, Melinoe's been heating up the underground. Following a series of summer single releases such as Cyclones, Death is Love, and Anything is Detroit-raised/Austin-based artist, Mike Melinoe’s latest creative endeavor, Her Name.

Venturing into a fresh dreamlike sonic landscape not yet heard in the 26 year old artist’s discography, this ELIII3 i's-produced track showcases not only Melinoe’s range and dexterity as a musician, but also his evolution into a more grounded and vulnerable musician. Her Name is backed by an ethereal beat that transports listeners into the mysterious mind of Mike Melinoe with it’s discordant keys and uptempo drums that’ll be sure to set the vibe for any summer scene.

Old-heads and new school fans alike will appreciate Melinoe’s impressive lyricism as he weaves together a flurry of intricate and thought-provoking bars set behind a scene of personal emotions, relationships, struggles, etc. A fast-paced nonchalant flow, reminiscent of an Aquemini-era Andre 3000, is masterfully crafted against the smooth velvety auto-tuned vocals on the chorus makes for a track that has a little bit for everybody.

Her Name looks to be the perfect energetic summer anthem riding into the the Fall, where Mike Melinoe has much in store ready to bestow to the world. From upcoming music showcases to art gigs, etc., the psychedelic Renaissance man has no plans on slowing down. Whether you consider it to be an unlucky day or not, Her Name drops this Friday the 13th and it’s a Melinoe guarantee that you’ll be rid of any bad vibes.

Listen to Her Name on Soundcloud now and make sure to stay up-to-date will all things Melinoe at @mikemelinoe