the bendy bunch

"I found it very challenging at first to fill up my classes because people were just not willing to try". Talayeh goes from earning her certification in personal training to becoming a Nike ambassador in Dubai.

What triggered your interest towards fitness?

I have always been a fitness lover, was pretty much into sports from a very young age. My grandmother was a fitness coach and as long as I remember, I spent majority of my time playing around at her facility. You can say that she was my main inspiration. I played various sports professionally back in Iran, such as squash and bowling as well as participated in every sports team in school. I was always motivated to train around people with great energy who were determined and focused.

What inspired The Bendy Bunch?

After studying my PT (level 2 and 3), I wanted to make a brand that was different yet fits my purpose. A brand that I could grow and develop with as well as a platform that could promote health and fitness. The idea behind The Bendy Bunch was initially to form a community of fitness professionals that would help people achieve their fitness goals.

You are a part of different communities/gyms - how do you manage to balance this without 'repping' one more than the other?

Luckily I have been blessed with mentors who are supportive and understanding and who want me to grow and develop rather than create obstacles. I work at BARE Fitness where I teach BLACK classes (high intensity weight training) as well as crossfit and sometimes lab (heavy weight training) and at Crank which is an indoor spinning studio along with some shape classes (circuit weight training program). The two studios are completely different in their style of training, which makes it easier for me to manage. I post based on the classes that I offer per week and promote the two just the same, as they are both fantastic places to workout at.

You are an ambassador of Nike, how did that opportunity come about?

As you get involved in the fitness industry, you will come across a lot of people and get to know them personally. BARE studio is sponsored by Nike and they carryout all their NTC classes there. I had the opportunity to work alongside many of Nike trainers and most importantly Nike master trainer, Jade Palmer, who has helped massively with my growth. Working for Nike at an event called SoleDXB gave me the opportunity to know some of the team members who have played a huge role in my fitness journey. I was approached to become a Nike trainer and carryout NTC classes at BARE and to become a Nike ambassador because of my passion for fitness.

What is your goal as a trainer?

My goal as a trainer is to be the best version of myself, to expand my knowledge day by day to improve my skills and to be able to help as many people as I can to achieve their fitness goals. I would like to have my own fitness studio in the future.

What do you hope to achieve in the near future?

I am currently finishing up my business management degree, I am hoping to be able to combine that with my fitness qualifications and experience and develop my brand, The Bendy Bunch, to something epic. I have so many ideas to expand on, however, for now, I would like to just work on developing and perfecting my skills. I can’t give much away, but stay tuned.

Do you face any challenges to be acknowledged as a legitimate trainer because you're a young woman?

I have come across some challenges for sure. People find it much easier to criticize, comment and judge a younger trainer in comparison to an older one. People automatically assume that you aren’t as qualified or experienced in the field and are not always willing to give you a chance. For example, I found it very challenging at first to fill up my classes because people were just not willing to try. However, with time, as you grow and develop relationships and as they become more familiar and comfortable with you, all of that fades away.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to someone to get motivated and start living a healthier and more active lifestyle?

To start TODAY and to take it SLOW. Usually, people that want to start a fitness journey have these unrealistic goals in mind, like transforming their body completely in a month or going on a hard core diet that doesn’t last. It is important to be educated and to learn what works for your body and to allow your body to make that adjustments (give it time). Don’t give up fast just cause you haven’t seen results in a week. Always remember it’s a process and it will only show results by being CONSISTANT AND DETERMINED.

Finally, what is your favourite type of cake?

Definitely chocolate

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