aagam kaur: i am my own muse

From promoting self-love to breaking the fashion scene in Dubai - Aagam Kaur does it all.

What has inspired you to get into the fashion scene?

Not at all trying to sound cocky, but I really love myself. At most extents, I am my own muse - I like to decorate myself in ways that makes me feel something, a feeling nobody but only clothes can make me feel, hence, inspiration comes from places, but it starts from me.

You're not only recognised for your OOTD shots, but also for your content creation that happens to be set up, photographed, and styled by you. Where does your vision come from?

Yes I love self portrait mainly because I love working with myself rather than anyone else - it gives me all the freedom & control I require in order to push my idea out. My vision floats between nothing to daily life struggles that most of us come across.

Your fashion and art can both be 'cute and innocent', but 'dark and mysterious' at the same time. Is there a particular inspiration behind this?

I’ve always been a black & white person. For me, it’s either this or nothing. Hence, I often bounce from being “cute & innocent” to “dark & mysterious” instead of choosing a middle ground because I am both those individuals.

What are you hoping to achieve in the coming future with your platform? Your Instagram says stylist - is this something you would like to be more involved with?

My ultimate goal is to do multiple fields at once, have multiple income sources. Ever since high school, I’ve always been the student who did everything, so even in the future, I’d like to do it all & yes, styling being one of those. Fashion will be my main foreground, followed by other medium.

Do you find it challenging to grow as an artistic individual in Dubai?

Yes & no. Dubai is still growing in the art & fashion scene with limited individuals, so it’s comparatively easier to get yourself out there, however, the steady growth of this industry is just creating more competition & claustrophobia as the market is so saturated.

The influencer community in Dubai can be scene as very cliquey at times because of sharing same interests and fashion senses. Do you find it difficult to break the stereotypical thoughts about the millennials here and be seen as your own person?

This is a tricky question, but to be fair, as long as everyone focuses on their personal selves & interests, clashing with others shouldn’t be a problem, however, if you do clash, it isn’t a big deal, big brands & celebrities clash as well, so what are we?

What can we expect from you in the near future?

I’ll be alive, if that answers your question.

Finally, what is your favourite type of cake?

The best question so far, I like cheese cake.

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