thomas: she/they/that bitch

Hi I am Jesse Thomas! I am a queer singer/songwriter/artist from Covington, Kentucky. I have spent the last four years writing for other people.

My biggest song is Martin Garrix feat. Troye Sivan - "There For You," and last year I had Ben Platt and Ingrid Michaelson's first singles off their albums. Late 2019, I started to release my own music under the name Thomas. I felt like I needed an outlet for me, as it was disheartening to be writing songs everyday to have most of them die in a hard drive. My personal project gives me the opportunity to really experiment outside of the constructs of "pop" music, and it is cool how they inform each other. I also just feel like a natural entertainer, always drawn to the stage, and being an artist enables that.

I am inspired by the incredible power of music. I like to try to find the simplest way to say something complex, and when I do it in such a way where someone might hear it and understand themselves a little better is quite magical to me. Also to be in a "vibe" or "flow" is simply euphoric. I can feel it resonate through my entire body. I can't always access it, but I think it's a place fear doesn't live. Tapping deep into myself, growing through and with my art is inspiring. The ability to shake the world in three minutes, that's inspiring.

I have a song coming out Friday, Jan 17th called Parliaments, and will be releasing music all year! My first two songs Pothead and Hold Me are currently available on all platforms. Starting in March, every second Wednesday you can catch me performing at Jesse & Friends, an all inclusive showcase at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, for artists, writers, and music fans showcasing intimate performances by some of the worlds most successful songwriters, as well as emerging artists. It is a very special show that has sold out for two years straight.

Please do your part to fight global warming, and inequality! We are one. :)

Instagram: @thomboy__


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