the rapid rise of dominic fike

The battle of two record labels to get Dominic Fike on board is not just a legendary story on its own but also the fact that this was going on when Dominic had a minor following and fanbase - proving that he was wanted purely for his talent and not for basic marketing purposes. Dominic has been showing off his talent through his musicality, lyrics, and production as well as collaborations with friends such as Omar Apollo, Kevin Abstract, and more.

MJ x DF photographed by Cian Moore

The half African American, half Filipino artist has an untouchable aesthetic to his music that makes him likeable to both the rap, pop, grunge, and indie scene.

In 2017, Dominic released his EP, Don’t Forget About Me, Demos, but then completely removed it off the internet. While driving his mum to jail on October 16, 2018, Dominic re-released the EP after signing with Columbia Records to financially support himself and his family. His creative work lived again and got the recognition it deserved.

From this release onwards, the public began to recognise his capabilities, talent, and voice - taking storytelling to a diverse level with music about love, heartbreak, anger, struggles, and being the king of everything. Dominic uses his platform to share his story to further build a connection with his audience.

The world is quickly recognising his work and as much as we enjoy having him as our little secret, the well-deserved rise of Dominic Fike is something we're looking forward to.

cover image photographed by evan mock