giovanni and allie: the legends behind legendary

Working 9 - 6, launching a clothing line, and creating content on YouTube, here are the legends behind Legendary.

What inspired you to create Legendary and what's the inspiration behind it?

Giovanni: What inspired me to create legendary was a former brand that I've modeled for previously. It was just something about the way he conducted his business that had me thinking mhm!!! Maybe this is for me.

Who do you think is killing the fashion game right now?

Allie: Rihanna of course; Fabulous; Kylie Jenner

Giovanni: & I would say A$AP Rocky.

What advice would you give to someone who is trying to create their own brand?

DO NOT RUSH, I REPEAT DO NOT RUSH! Take your time and everything will fall into place. Invest in yourself - major key.

You're both part of the upcoming Blood Queens, a horror/comedy spinoff of Scream Queens, how did the project come about and how was the filming experience?

The project came about when season 3 of the original show was cancelled, so Gabi [Gabriella Demartino from YouTube] & her team of management decided it would be a great opportunity to recreate a season 3, #BloodQueens. The filming was great got to meet a lot of new people & over all a fun experience.

Allie - V Squad seems to carry a distinct quirky and girly vibe and Legendary is the complete opposite - how are you planing on adding them to your wardrobe?

I would have to say that's gunna be a tough transaction for fans, however my everyday wardrobe has a variety of different styles.

Giovanni - I see 'urban model' in your IG bio, would you like to pursue it as a full-time job? What are the challenges that comes with the industry?

Full-time no, however, I do enjoy the photos lols. Major competitiveness, dog eat dog industry, no room for friends as bad as it sounds.

What is the next step for Legendary?

The next step for legendary is going to be a local store front, with a wide variety of products & customers.

Finally, what's your favourite type of cake?

Both Ice cream cake, the chocolate crunch in the middle are life.

You can shop from Legendary over here: Legendary Outfitters and visit their Instagram via

Allie Bennicas: @allie_bennicas

Giovanni Rojas: @officialpageof.g

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