lets talk about madison beer

photographed by samuel alemayhu

From the age of 14, Madison Beer has been pursuing her musical career as a singer/songwriter. With a few singles here and there as an early teen, she was dropped by her first label, Island, at the age of 16. Tragic. We know. But has that killed Madison’s career? We think not. Has it upped her self discovery? 100%.

Rather than letting this take a toll on her art and giving up on her vision, she continued as an independent artist, released her EP, As She Pleases, in 2018, toured the world, and found a new family at Epic Records.

Madison has been absolutely smashing every piece of art she puts out - taking it slow and for the past year sort of being AWOL on social media, she has clearly put intense creative work into her music and visuals.

Her music today sounds like the love child of Daft Punk and Lana Del Rey and her visuals look like they’ve been blessed by Lana Wachowski. Madison’s creative work is loud, dark, elegant, and unique and takes storytelling to a new level.

During a recent podcast on Views with David Dobrik and Jason Nash, she’s also talked about assumptions the public make when it comes to her intelligence simply for being drop dead beautiful, but the hypnotising harmonies in Selfish, video game visual direction in Good in Goodbye, musical switch up in Stained Glass, and exciting number of metaphors just prove her capabilities.

Along with her Madison’s musical control, she has also taken complete authority over directing and writing the concepts of her music videos instead of settling for others’ creativity. To show what she has in store for the rest of her album, she has switched how Good in Goodbye is perceived lyrically as a breakup song and instead, visually created a video game between the battle of good Madison and evil Madison (representing the strength of her left and right brain) - doing her own stunts, shooting for 24 hours, playing two characters, directing, and being involved with editing and colour grading.

She’s teamed up with members of her EP team - producer of Home With You, writers of Fools, Teenage in Love, and Tyler Durden - to create Life Support. With just 3 tracks of her new chapter out, we’re looking forward to Madison’s debut album.

cover image photographed by sam dameshek