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Her soulful voice takes you to places you've dreamt of going to. Her dancehall music helps you 'feel the groove'. Mougleta takes time out of her trip in Toronto to answer a few questions about her music, performing, and an upcoming project!

During an interview, you said you stopped singing at some point, do you regret it or are you glad you took that break?

It wasn't really that I stopped singing, I never stopped! It was just in front of my parents cause I was too shy and the first time I sang in front of them in a serious manner, I was 16! But I would always sing in front of my friends. I decided to start singing in front of them when I really decided that singing and becoming an artist is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

You look really comfortable singing in public, when and how did you gain the confidence?

Ever since I was very little I would put on shows in front of my friends and family and I believe that is what prepared me. But I will never lose that rush, and that nervousness. I'm always going to be anxious right before performing and I feel like I'm going to faint but once I'm on that stage, everything fades away.

You were a part of Dubai Jazz Fest 2017 lineup along with Mariah Carey. How did that opportunity come about and what was the experience like?

The Dubai Jazz Fest 2017 was an amazing opportunity, Anghami approached us to perform at their Anghami sessions. It was one of the best experiences in my life to just perform in the same venue as Mariah Carey just moments before her!

What was the inspiration behind Dancing Shoes and what can you share about the upcoming music video?

Dancing Shoes is a song that you can let go and be free while listening to. I always use the term dancing shoes in my songs (Jungle, older features, etc) because to me it's a form to express yourself and a way of release. It's kind of like a metaphor, to let go and just be with whoever you love. The video is just a video of me and my friends having fun and letting go, being transported to these happy places and different locations with a crazy party scene at the end and lots of choreography! Can't wait to share the video with everyone!

Gamble is a very vulnerable song. How was the writing process for it and were you nervous about releasing something so personal to the public?

Gamble is a very vulnerable song and it was very special for me to write and shoot the video for it, but I'm very glad that I did because so many people came to me and told me that they relate to it so much!

Who are you musical inspirations?

Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera and Madonna are my all time favorites! And from the more current roster or artists there's Nicki Minaj, Drake and The Weeknd! They all inspire me so much both musically and in a business sense.

Do you think you have found your voice or are you still in the experimental stage?

I did find my voice and my sound, but I will never have one specific sound, I love to work with different genres and producers, I wouldn't want to stick to just one type of music. But my writing is what is distinctive, I developed a writing style that fits me and works for me no matter what genre I am experimenting in!

Who has your favourite crowd been so far between UAE, Lebanon, and Canada?

So far my favorite crowd has been the UAE crowd at the Jazz Festival as it was a very different and international crowd!

Why 'Mougleta'? "Mougleta" came up because when I was younger, my family used to call me Mowgli, the main character from "The Jungle Book", and it really stuck with me so I turned it into Mougleta!

Do you have any exciting projects coming up?

Yes! New upcoming projects are always in the works and new music videos and maybe a little secret! Shhh!

Finally, what's your favourite type of cake?

My favorite type of cake is Vanilla! Hahahaha especially when it's fresh and moist!

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