emerging alt-pop band 'neon gru' release ethereal single 'hot wine'

Hot Wine, the new single from London six-piece Neon Gru, is that end-of-summer euphoria you've been looking for. A melting pot of soulful pop and invigorating indie electronica; the song is an exciting exploration of the band's vast array of sounds and moods. It also stands as a strong statement of what's to come from the group's upcoming EP I Am A Bird, due in winter.

The track's opening groove bursts through in a deep wash of sound, laying the foundations for Ny Oh's signature dreamy vocals to pull the listener through the song's colourful soundscape. Strong bass-lines and syncopated beats are infused with layers of spacious analogue synths and guitars, resulting in an almost intoxicating nostalgia for warm afternoons with nothing to do.

Hot Wine was conceived during an especially whimsical day. The kind of day when you disregard the beautiful weather to stay indoors, and against better judgement, take a chance on an open bottle of red that someone found on the backseat of their car. With parameters set; what came out was a soulful, upbeat, chill track about desire, procrastination and (maybe) drinking more than you need.

listen to 'Hot Wine' here