slow, organic, sustainable (pronounced as netty) is an Indian based website where shoppers have everything filtered. It’s not every item from every designer and nor is it every designer - it cuts through the noise created by burgeoning fashion designers and brands. has been created for the avid shopper (age 27-65) au courant with trends and fashion, who appreciates style, skill and art. It puts together an esoteric collection of clothing and accessories - lateral and unique; one that will be a mix for an upbeat and obscure side of an individual.

Nete’s innate sense of style features a playful juxtaposition between classics, glamorous movie star, street style and casual hipster. 

In addition to the above, heavily supports slow made, fair trade, organic clothing, conscious consumption, handmade, sustainable fashion, up-cycling and recycling. 

Here are a few looks you can find:

Cottage shoot:

Art Director - Shivani Gandhi 

Photographer - Advaith Nayar

Model - Anushree Sardesai

MUA - No make up was used

Polka shoot:

Art Director - Devica

Model - Tenchi Mi

Photographer - Kanu Paliwal

Mua - Tenchi Mi