the persian and parisian parysatis

Parysatis talks about the inspiration behind Rue Rumi, working with brands, and the struggles of being an influencer.

What inspired you to create a platform that both complements the Persian and Parisian culture?

I find a lot of similarities between Persian and Parisian youth. I wanted to build a bridge for the French to discover Iran and for the Persian to discover the French lifestyle. When you launched, what was your approach and is it any different now?

I started with a very strong statement - wearing an outfit in Dubai or Paris and adding all the elements that are mandatory (headscarf or "Manto") to be allowed to walk in the streets of Iran. Now, it's more about a mix of culture. How a French and Persian girl will find herself living in Dubai.

Do you feel pressure in creating content that fits both cultures?

Not at all, its very easy for me to fit both sides. I have always travelled a lot to Iran, so I am very used to the Manto. On the other hand, my fashion style is very French, so it always pops out someway. Even if it's only my basket bag! You've started to work with really big brands, such as, Chanel. How do these collaborations come about?

Most of the time it's my "different" style from what you usually see in Dubai (very french), then it's my mix (French/Persian). I speak, read and write Farsi, so people are always surprised to see a blonde girl being so Middle Eastern. What is your dream brand to work with?

More of Gabrielle :)

What brought you to Dubai and which place feels more like home to you?

I came one year ago with my partner to experience a complete other life in the Middle East. We are both half french and half Iranian, so being close to Iran was also important to us. We are used to this region and the general Muslim/Middle Eastern culture that goes with it. How do you balance working a full time job and also being an influencer?

Honestly, it is easy. Most of the time I create content during the weekend. It's easy to manage the pro-influencer balance, but the personal is another thing as my partner hates Instagram! What is the most difficult challenge you face in the influencer industry?

Sometimes when you decline an offer because you don't like the brand or just don't have the time (as I have a full time employee), brands think that I am arrogant or just "uninterested". People don't see that if I think the product/service doesn't fit my profile, it wont make sense or have any impact. Also cause the market is so small here, even micro influencers are approached a lot, so I am just trying to prioritize and make sense on my profile.

What is the next step for @parysatis and

I would love to start a clothing brand. Pieces wearable in Paris ... and in Tehran! Also since I live in Dubai, I want to share more skincare and beauty ideas. My body is so different here because of the sand, humidity and heat. Finally, what's your favourite type of cake?

It's profiteroles! Very French! It is a filled French choux pastry ball with a typically sweet and moist filling of whipped cream, custard, pastry cream, or ice cream

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