come back to earth (self love)

during self isolation and social distancing, things are getting rough for people who overthink, those with mental health issues, and simply, ones who just don’t know what the fuck they’re doing with their lives.

being isolated gives over-thinkers the opportunity to think even more (didn’t think that was possible did you?)

being isolated means being more active on social media which leads to stalking other people, what they look like, why you don’t look like that, what jobs they have, why you are working a 9-5, and all the beautifully crumbling thoughts that one can self induce during a time of mass internet consumption.

in the midst of all this chaos, we came across two profiles that are breaking the status quo and showing us life unfiltered - bringing us back to earth in a digital world of highlights and reels.

yes, there are women with mad long legs, no cellulite, no stretch marks, no saggy anything, spotless skin, and an exciting job. they do exist, they are beautiful, they are successful and so are women of all body types, shapes, and textures working a 9-5.

self love is a process. it is quite the mission but it is one of the biggest achievements. being happy and comfortable with your identity, sexuality, appearance, the way you speak, and your occupation. whether you prefer sitting with your legs crossed or sitting with your legs open. whether you have smooth skin or cellulite and acne. whether you’re working as a full-time influencer or a 9-5.


ambar driscoll - a 21 year old based in london.

in a recent post, she has expressed the below:

‘Dear body, thank you for keeping me alive. Thank you for keeping me healthy. Thank you for giving me the ability to move and exercise and dance. Thank you for being my home throughout all of this. Thank you for being able to feel the warmth of a hug from another person. Thank you for letting me experience the world, to hear, see, smell and touch.

Isolation can be a very triggering time when you’ve been through ED’s, disordered behaviours, or have generally struggled with dieting and watching what you eat. Seeing as we can’t go outside much (even if you live in the UK and you’re allowed out once a day, it’s not nearly the same amount of exercise we’d usually be getting), and can’t go to the gym, our minds start to wonder about how much we’re eating compared to how much we’re sat at home. We’re also probably eating more than usual as we’re at home, snacking throughout the day.

There’s a load of pressure to be using this time to get fit (which you can do if you want), but really you should be exercising during this time for your mental health (it really will make you feel better), not to burn off calories or because you feel guilty about the food you’ve been eating.

There is nothing wrong with eating what you want to eat. Just going to the shop and trying to find food you want to eat right now is stressful enough without having to factor in whether it’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for you. This is such a strange, overwhelming, anxiety inducing time - we don’t need to start adding food guilt and feeling negative towards our body to the mix.

A lot of us will probably put on a bit of weight during this time, but you know what? Who cares! We may not always be able to love our bodies, but what we can focus on right now is respecting them. When you look in the mirror, or you catch yourself thinking negatively, try to tell yourself positive things about your body - these don’t have to be appearance focused, like the things listed above. Your body is SO much more than how it looks, and whether or not it fits in to society ideals of what we should look like. Try to focus on what it does for you above all else during this time.’

ambar is the founder of bamby collective. a ‘safe space for girls and young women to grow, seek advice, talk openly and be uplifted’.

with bamby, ambar is introducing the realities of self - from identity, to body image, sex, periods and more. removing the filters from life that a lot are guilty of and instead building a community to empower and uplift.

image courtesy of: @megan_rose_lane via bamby

here is a link to the private facebook group you can join to seek/give advice with other women who are doing the same:

bamby collective on IG: @bambycollective

ambar on IG: @ambardriscoll


dubai based danae mercer puts the ‘wtf’ in every image manipulating app (oh and video too, you can edit your body on VIDEO TOO).

danae shows what’s normal. abs are normal but booties with cellulite. she covers stretch marks, bloat, how people pose to get the ‘perfect’ shot, and different angles and apps people use on IG to make their bodies look like the kardashians of all kardashians.

danae on IG: @danaemercer

link to private facebook group: