'program' - off of willy & levi's self titled debut tape

Bringing together their differing styles and backgrounds, on July 31st, Amsterdam's Willy & Levi are releasing the first single Program off of their self-titled debut tape. Despite the different genres on the tape, the sound of Willy & Levi is clearly recognizable. While the duo are the main producers of all tracks to be heard, they have collaborated with a selection of artists such as Meezy F (Yung Internet), De Cultuur, and Yung Nnelg, the latter of whom the duo has previously worked with on Dieptepunt / Hoogtepunt (feat. Winne), found on his latest album Balans.

The tape has mostly been produced in Willy’s Amsterdam bedroom turned studio, which represents an iconic spot for the duo. As school friends, the creative working-together started in their childhood homes in Haarlem. Willy took his first music-oriented steps playing the guitar, while Levi started playing the old-school drum computers from his brother and musician Inspecta General, who is also part of the tape. Shortly after, Levi discovered his interest for other instruments including the keyboard and Willy became more familiar with digital producing.

The move to Amsterdam seemed to have been an important step in the duo’s creative development. Their projects were not limited to Haarlem’s artist scene anymore, but a new creative environment opened up to them: the Amsterdam’s creative scene. With help from creative platforms like The New Originals, Willy & Levi got in contact with other creatives who shared the same passion: music. What followed were collaborations between various artists with a broad range of styles. Thanks to this, the duo’s artistic ambition was pushed even further and allowed them to combine their contrasting musical preferences even better. What results is a distinct style, that is not limited to one genre.

These developments have led to Willy & Levi’s first single Program as well as the self-titled debut tape, in which the energy of all artists is fused.

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