xenai: third culture hip hop

Namaste! My name is Xenai. I am Indian blood but I was born and raised in Bahrain. Which makes me a very confused person when it comes to culture, language and a lot of other things especially because my parents come from many different parts of India too. To put it simply, I’m a third culture kid.

I lived in Boston for 6 years where I studied music production and audio engineering at Berklee. I was a behind the scenes guy, doing sound and recording for other artists. I produced for singers and songwriters and also played as a session musician and engineer for other producers until eventually I couldn’t help but fall in love with the stage. I didn’t want to hold myself back and regret not making that decision years from now.

In 2017 I decided to take that leap of faith and make music from my heart and do what I felt was right in the moment. That’s how I became a hip-hop/rnb artist, performer and actor.

In December of 2019 I performed at the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix, opening for The Killers after winning the Yasalam Emerging Talent Competition. I performed at the Mubadala Tennis World Championship a couple weeks after.

I have released about 30 singles so far and plan on releasing a lot more.

Fool’ is very personal to me and is about someone I was dating for almost 2 years, who cheated on me for 6 months and I had no idea. This happened to me almost 8 years ago and it stayed with me since. At least until I finally wrote this song. I gave myself closure with this and I really believe a lot of people will resonate with this. The song dropped on April 1st :)

Something I’d like to share with upcoming artists and fellow creators and fans:

In whatever you do, the journey is never ending and at times can feel really exhausting especially when you compare yourself to others. In fact it’s only when you compare yourself to others that you feel like you don’t have what it takes which is a lie we make up in our heads. But just fall in love with the simple act of doing what you love everyday without thinking about the end result and magically, people start to resonate with your energy in the real and the digital world :)

Keep up-to-date with Xenai on IG, @xenaimuzik

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